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Huangshan chipmirco electronics Co.,LTd. is located in Qimen Black Tea Township, a tourist resort of "Etiquette Huizhou, Dream Huangshan". It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, development, production and sale of power semiconductor chips, devices and modules. It has a complete industrial chain from power semiconductor chip design and manufacture to back-channel packaging. It has the production capacity of 1.2 million 4-inch high-end GPP chips and 200,000 6-inch medium-high-end VDMOS and FRED chips per year.

The company adheres to the purpose of "building national aspirations and creating world famous brands", upholds the concept of honesty, professionalism and high efficiency, and constantly marches towards marketization, materialization and internationalization. In the semiconductor manufacturing industry, power semiconductor devices with more advanced technical indicators and higher product quality have been developed to meet the market demand and work hand in hand with customers to create greater value for the society.

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